Stake-to-play (Q1 2024)

New game monetization model

Important: Stake-to-play will be integrated in Q1 2024. Before that, Tonarchy only has a free-to-play mode and all players can receive rewards.

Stake-to-play model offers players the option to become Lords, providing them with expanded opportunities for development and earnings within the game. This model replaces the traditional initial investments typically required in other monetization models.

As a Lord, players stake their $AQUA to get an NFT-Coat-of-Arms. Lords gain access to enhanced gameplay mechanics, exclusive content, and various earning opportunities within the Tonarchy game.

Knights are a free-to-play option. Knights can engage in various activities and work for the Lords and earn income within the game without the need for an initial stake.

By offering both stake-to-play and free-to-play options, Tonarchy caters to different player preferences and allows players to choose their desired level of investment and involvement in the game.

How it works

  1. Contribute a stake of 50 TON or more to the project validator pool.

  2. Receive an NFT Coat of Arms that saves progress and collects rewards.

  3. The rate of reward accumulation depends on the stake's size and duration.

  4. Choose to withdraw the stake, burning the NFT CoA and bonuses, or exchange it on the open market.

Advantages of Stake-to-play over the rest of GameFi

  1. No risk of initial investment: Players can start the game without purchasing game assets, reducing the entry barrier for newcomers. If they want their stake back, they can safely retrieve it by burning their NFT-Coat-of-Arms.

  2. No Pay-2-win: Bonuses earned from holding a stake have a hard limit, ensuring a balanced gameplay experience.

  3. Independence from donations: The project's validator covers team expenses, creating a self-sufficient game without aggressive micro-transactions or advertising.

  4. Support for blockchain development: The project's validators contribute to the TON ecosystem by processing game transactions.

  5. Player loyalty and sustainable play-to-earn model: NFT acquired through staking accumulates bonuses and preserves game progress. Tradable and improvable NFTs eliminate the need for excessive token issuance.

Staking Rewards

The NFT Coat of Arms, linked to the stake, earns bonuses and offers various in-game utilities. Additionally, FYRE provides the owner with a chance to participate in a weekly lottery for legendary NFT assets. The lottery process will be outlined at a later time. NFT holders with stakes exceeding 5000 TON are eligible for a share of rewards from the validator in TON.

Rewards are also attributed to the NFT CoA. Further information regarding the distribution of rewards will be provided in due course.

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