Core game mechanics description

Tonarchy's gameplay encompasses two main aspects: survival in the Inner Worlds and engaging in various activities within the Capital of the Empire, including trade, production, and the pursuit of political power.

Inner Worlds

Players travel to the Inner Worlds, a dynamic map consisting of diverse "biomes" where they must survive, establish bases, gather resources, and engage in combat with other players and NPCs. The map serves as the primary setting for players' adventures.

  • Capturing Outposts: Players appear on the map and capture Outposts, which serve as their base of operations in the Inner Worlds.

  • Resource Mining and Station Production: Players mine resources and utilize Stations to recycle and combine them, producing units and developing their Outpost.

  • Exploration of the Inner Worlds: Once players have gained enough strength, they explore different Inner Worlds in search of Places of Power. These locations offer rare resources, boss battles, and quests.

  • Delivery to the Portals: To secure their resources and extracted $AQUA, players must transport them to the Portals that lead to the Capital.

Player interaction is a crucial aspect of the game, as there is a scarcity of rare resources and profitable locations available to all players. This scarcity leads to continuous activity on the game map, including trade caravans, transport convoys, scout detachments, raiders, and other interactions among players.


The Capital serves as the centralized hub for commerce, industry, and political activities within the Empire. While violent player versus player (PvP) encounters are not possible, players engage in strategic battles for power and resources through alternative means.

In the Capital, players can:

  • Trade resources obtained from the Inner Worlds on the stock exchange for $AQUA.

  • Formulate trade, military, and production agreements with other players.

  • Safely produce gaming and NFT assets within the Capital.

  • Expand and develop their Estate.

  • Engage in political activities as part of an Alliance, gaining control over Capital territories and earning income from the gaming activities of players in those territories.

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