Welcome to Tonarchy!

Tonarchy is a Game-Fi project that allows players to enjoy a free-to-play social MMORPG experience. It incorporates a unique token emission system that offers flexibility and a monetization model based on staking.

The gameplay of Tonarchy is centered around a third-person survival MMORPG, integrating strategic elements within a captivating world that combines high technology and medieval culture. For more detailed information about the gameplay, please refer to the dedicated section.

The primary objective of the project is to develop a well-balanced game that caters to a broad web2 audience. While leveraging web3 technology, Tonarchy selectively utilizes its advantages to differentiate itself from competing games.

Main features of Tonarchy:

  • Non-inflationary flexible model of tokenomics

    • Tonarchy implements a tokenomics model that is not subject to inflation. The emission of AQUA tokens is solely dependent on in-game purchases, ensuring that each token is backed by real demand in TON. For more detailed information, please refer to $AQUA tokenAQUA Tokenomics

  • Zero-sum rewards.

    • In Tonarchy, the game does not issue tokens as rewards. Instead, it operates on a zero-sum system where tokens are redistributed from less skilled players to more skilled ones. This model of rewards encourages players to actively engage in gaming and social processes. For more details, please see AQUA Rewards

  • Community Generated Content

    • Tonarchy fosters an infrastructure that promotes user-generated content and assets. This includes the release of community collections and the ability to create custom servers reminiscent of Roblox. For more information, refer to Marketplace NFT Worlds

  • Balance against pay-to-win

    • To maintain fairness, Tonarchy prohibits the purchase of items that grant advantages in player-versus-player (PVP) encounters. However, players can acquire items that save time, such as recovery tools, and resource extraction accelerators. Additionally, a troop limit ensures that no player gains an unfair or excessive advantage in PVP situations. Further details can be found in FYRE

  • Passive income with NFT assets

    • Tonarchy incorporates game NFT assets that not only enhance gaming experiences but also provide owners with opportunities for passive income. Importantly, this passive income generation does not disrupt the game balance. To delve deeper into this topic, please explore NFT TON HeroesNFT-CoA Counselor

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