Guilds and Alliances


Guilds in Tonarchy are formed by five players who join forces to enhance their gameplay experience, engage in political activities, and generate passive income.

Within the Inner Worlds, guild members have the ability to capture and occupy a Fortress, share resources among themselves, and transfer Heroes to fellow guild members for collaborative play.

The limit of five members per guild ensures a healthy level of competition, prevents monopolies, and fosters a diverse range of strategies in both the Inner Worlds and the Capital.

Guilds and $AQUA

Every Guild in Tonarchy maintains its own treasury, which is funded through a tax imposed on all Guild members when they return to the Capital, involving a payment in $AQUA and resources.

Within the Guild, resources can be redistributed among members or sold on the stock exchange in exchange for $AQUA. The funds held in the Guild treasury can be utilized for various purposes, such as redistributing among members, staking, investing in rentable NFT assets of Tonarchy, entering into contracts with other Guilds, and contributing to the reward pool in exchange for Influence.


Alliances in Tonarchy are formed by player Guilds, enabling them to engage in advanced trade, production, and politics, exerting a significant influence on the game's economy.

To establish an Alliance, a Guild must possess the Counselor's NFT coat of arms. The Guild that initiates the Alliance becomes its leader.

Alliances operate as decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) where voting is conducted using $AQUA. Through voting, key organizational matters can be decided and configured, such as the distribution of Influence within the Capital's territories, resource allocation among Guilds, Guild tax on $AQUA, and the sharing of income from controlled territories.

Only the leader Guild can propose initiatives for the Alliance's DAO vote and accept new Guilds into the Alliance. All Guilds within the Alliance receive bonuses from the Counselor's NFT Coat of Arms.

Guilds pay a monthly membership fee to the Alliance treasury for Alliance membership. The contribution amount is uniform for all Alliances, with a percentage of the contribution directed to the reward pool. This percentage scales linearly based on the number of Guilds within the Alliance.

Participation in politics and territorial occupation within the Capital is exclusive to Alliances, granting them unique privileges and opportunities.


Factions are AI Guilds designed for Knights, players who do not possess an NFT Coat of Arms. Factions offer limited organizational bonuses to their participants and have the ability to issue quests for resources, units, and FYRE.

Factions impose taxes on their members' $AQUA and resources brought from the Inner Worlds. The resources collected as taxes are destroyed, removing them from the game economy. On the other hand, the $AQUA collected as taxes becomes the income of the project, which is then utilized for the ongoing development and support of the game.

Factions serve as an alternative option for players who do not possess an NFT Coat of Arms, providing them with a structured gameplay experience and the opportunity to engage with quests and contribute resources while operating under the guidance of AI-controlled Guilds.

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